Tips For Negotiating Car Insurance Rates

Car insurance rates vary a lot between insurance companies. But they also vary a lot, over time. So, what you’ve paid 2 years ago, may be totally different than what you should pay now. There are positive and negative factors that will influence the costs. Typically, major life changes, traffic violations and claim history will influence the rates the most. Check the following tips for negotiating car insurance rates. Also, visit our website and get a car insurance quote online.

get a car insurance quote onlineThe first best tip we can give you is to be prepared. Make a list with all the major changes that have happened between renewal periods. And by major changes we mean: marital status, age (getting 25 years old), modifying the car, changing your address, changing your workplace and other events that may influence your driving style.  Make sure that your carrier is well aware of all of those factors. See which events may have a positive impact on your premiums and try to convince the carrier that it should lower the prices a bit.

Insurance deductibles also play an important role in determining the overall insurance cost. Companies assume that people who raise deductibles to top levels are more financially responsible and can afford paying from their own pockets. As a result, they represent a lesser claim threat and will be rewarded with slightly lower premiums.

When negotiating rates, it is important to understand that there are many deductibles promoted by companies. It is very wise to ask the agent you are working with to bring a list with available discounts. Discuss the discounts in detail and see for which ones you may qualify.

Depending on your necessities and budget, you may negotiate for extra services. Keep in mind that the company may sell you extra services, but only if you meet some pre-requisites, like buying certain coverage or certain coverage amounts.

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