Why Teens Pay More For Car Insurance


Being a teen is such a wonderful time. Many teens like to enjoy their life at maximum and they end up doing foolish things. This is the main reason why insurance companies are reluctant when it comes down to issuing a policy to a teen driver. Find out why teens pay more for car insurance and get free online auto insurance quotes from our website.

free online auto insurance quotesThere are few main reasons why teens end up being classified as high risk drivers and as a direct result, end up paying a whole lot more. For starters, the lack of experience is a very influential factor. Having little or no experience means that you cannot adapt quickly to certain traffic conditions or scenarios. Veterans are also more likely to obey the laws. Teens tend to be hastier and disregards light stops or traffic signs when in a hurry.

Distracted driving is a modern plague and it is present in every country. Nowadays we have more and more gadgets and ways to spend our free time in a pleasant way. And some of those ways can be easily incorporated in our driving routine. But doing so, you open the door for many accidents. Let’s remember the recent Pokemon frenzy –when it started so many drivers where involved in collisions.  Teens, due to their immature behavior, are more prone to be distracted. Clicking on various social media platforms is dangerous when driving.

Another dangerous behavior associated with teens is driving under the influence of alcohol or forbidden substances.  The twenties are an age of foolishness. Most of teens try to look bad-ass or to impress people. Drinking and being rebel behind the wheel is common for teen.

And all of these are illustrated by relevant statistics. Reports published by organizations, institutes and authorities show that teens are more likely to be involved in accidents. And the death rate is alarmingly high amongst teens. All lead to higher risk and high car insurance rates.

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