How To Buy A New, Better Car Insurance Policy

Buying car insurance can be quite and endeavor, even for experienced policyholders. Prices fluctuate periodically and there are many changes an insurance company goes through yearly. As a result, the insurer you thought to be the best for you, may be, in fact, a very expensive one. Find out how to buy a new, better car insurance policy. Check the following tips and get free online car insurance quote from our website.

1. Check the insurance market, both locally and nationally.
There are  hundreds of  companies competing for your business. Make sure to know which companies are available to your location. Then, check which companies have the best ratings and the best reviews. Make a list of 10-20 top companies and get quotes from them. It is recommended to get online quotes.
2. Use one insurer to cover all your vehicles and drivers. You should be using one insurer for your home and vehicles and putting all vehicles/drivers onto one policy. In this way you will get multi-policy, multi-vehicle discounts. This could save you anywhere from five to 15 per cent. That means a lot of money.

3. Ask many questions before you buy. If you get quotes from an agent, ask him if he is quoting you the insurer’s lowest price. Also ask about the cancellation rules and fees. Every policy has different rules and it’s important to know them, otherwise an accident or a couple of tickets could lead to you being dropped. Ask about exemptions and penalties.

4. Understand your coverage needs. Analyze what you really need, then see if it matches with what companies are offering. One of the ways insurance companies differentiate themselves is through the “extras” they offer, such as 24-hour claim service, first accident forgiveness, disappearing deductibles, and claim service guarantees.

5. Ask about tickets and accidents and how they influence the rates. Insurance companies rate tickets and accidents differently. For example, some will raise your rate if you get a speeding ticket, while others won’t. Be sure to ask about penalties before signing on.

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