Why Attend Defensive Driving Courses

Find out why attend defensive driving courses and get cheap auto insurance online quotes from our website. Here are the main reasons:

  • The top reason is to keep points off your driving record. If the points end up on your record, then your insurance rate will go up and will stay up for the years that the violation and points remain on your driving record. In addition, if you get too many points on your license, your driver’s license may be suspended, so it is in your benefit to try to keep the amount of points on your record as low as possible.
  • Another popular option would be to reduce the fine associated with the ticket. Tickets can be very expensive and nobody ever really sets aside a budget for possible future ticket fines that they may or may not ever get. This makes ticket fines a huge inconvenience, especially for those individuals that are living paycheck to paycheck. In this case, the court handling your case may offer you the option to take a defensive driving course to reduce the court fees. The points do still remain, but the fine associated with the violation is decreased.
  • For some, it is not necessarily a choice. They may be required to take the course because the DMV ordered them to take the course. This is the case if an individual received a violation when they were 18 or 19, if they have received 12 demerit points within a 24-month period, or to re-instate a license that has been suspended for excessive points. In this case, it is absolutely necessary for them to take the course to keep their license or to re-instate it.
  • Another reason to take a defensive driving course would be as a preventative measure. Individuals may take traffic school on a voluntary basis once every 24 months to receive 5 safe driving points. These points can be used towards existing points on the individual’s driving record or it can be saved to offset future points.
  • Lastly, an individual may take the course for an insurance discount. Some insurance companies offer a discount to individuals that take a defensive driving course.

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