Top Reasons For Not Driving Without Insurance

Many drivers consider auto insurance just a financial burden and they would gladly get rid of that. High prices, combined with other financial factors, like unemployment, may determine many drivers to refuse to renew coverage and they end up driving uninsured. You should never do that. Check the top reasons for not driving without insurance. Also, there are alternatives, like using a car insurance quote and comparing prices. But first, let’s analyze the reasons:

  1. It is the law. It is required by law that every driver must have financial responsibility. Almost every state requires a minimum of liability car insurance. This insurance only covers the cost for medical injuries and property damage caused by car accident – not the damage of your car.
  2. No roadside assistance at time of accident. If the car’s engine suddenly stops when driving or the battery dies, you will need appropriate towing services. Having car insurance and roadside assistance will be much needed then.
  3. You have to cover your own medical expenses. In a car accident, both parties usually get hurt. Having no-fault insurance, like PIP will help you pay for your own injuries, no matter who caused the accident.
  4. You have to pay for damage to your own car. Collision insurance helps you repair your vehicle, again, no matter who caused the accident. File a claim and let the insurance company handle the case.
  5. You could wind up in jail. Not having insurance and causing an accident means a quick trip to the Big House. Nobody wants that, so you should better get car insurance. Don’t forget that the insurance company can also set up legal defenses.
  6. Reimburses you from a stolen car. Having your car stolen is a nightmare, but having it stolen while you do not have adequate insurance is worse.

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