Reasons For Having Expensive Car Insurance

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  1. Not bundling plans. Some insurance companies will give you a multi-line discount if you have homeowner’s, life or other car policies with the same carrier. The more you have, the cheaper the total price tag can be.
  2. Getting full coverage for older, less valuable cars. Carefully consider the value of the vehicle, the likelihood of repair and whether it’s worthwhile to pay for the coverage.
  3. You are known for cancelling policies. Non-payment of your bills or failure to provide the insurer with requested information can result in cancellation. And, in addition to fines from your local Motor Vehicles, your premium may rise, as you’re seen as unreliable and a future risk.
  4. You added a teen driver on your policy. Depending on the type of car and its safety rating, the cost of letting your teen drive a car in your household will increase the insurance costs.Rather than list your son or daughter on the policy as the principal driver of one of your cars, ask to have them listed as an occasional operator.
  5. A history of making claims. With some insurers, a large payout for an accident or theft, whether it’s your fault or not, can lead to an increased premium.
  6. Vehicle repair costs and car theft rating. This has nothing to do with the actual driver, but rather the cost to repair your specific make and model vehicle across the board. If the company finds that there are more claims being made related to your type of vehicle and/or the cost to repair your type of vehicle rises, your premium will go up. This helps to explain the mystery of why some cars are more expensive to insure in red or black than in white.

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