How To Exclude People From Car Insurance

An excluded driver is someone you intentionally remove from your auto insurance policy. If that person uses your car, either with or without your permission, and has an accident, your car insurance will not provide coverage. Note, however, that some states prohibit named-driver exclusions on the theory that they essentially create uninsured drivers, something that puts other people on the road at risk. Find out why and how to exclude people from car insurance. Read the following blog and get free auto insurance quote online from our website.

Listing a person as and excluded driver could save you money. It is important to know who to exclude and remember the fact they are indeed excluded. An excluded driver will have ​no coverage for liability or physical damage when driving vehicles listed on the car insurance policy in which they are excluded from. Insurance carriers might want a driver excluded or cancel the entire policy. Common reasons to exclude a driver would be a bad driving record, a suspended license, or too many claims.

If you’re a policyholder interested in excluding one or more individuals from your policy, then you need to contact your insurance company and/or agent. Your request will have to be in writing and might also come with additional forms and paperwork, depending on who your insurance company is. It’s also important to note that requesting an exclusion may cause your rates to increase a bit, but some view this cost as a much more affordable expense than the potential damages they might be held accountable for when the dangerous driver(s) in question get in a serious accident or have repeated traffic offenses. If you are seriously considering opting for exclusion, talk with your insurer to explore all of your options and alternatives.

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