Auto Insurance Policies For Custom Cars

Numerous car owners want to customize their vehicles to match their personality and budget.   Customizing a car involves different challenges and consequences. Furthermore, car insurance agencies prefer stock-models, instead of customized ones.  And since any modification to the interior and exterior of the car will certainly affect the total value of the car, the rates will also vary accordingly.  Still you can find auto insurance policies for custom cars. All you have to do is to search on the internet for the adequate insurers and get auto insurance online quotes from them.

For example, Esurance car insurance policies include up to $4,000 dollars of customized parts and equipment coverage to pay for damage to or replacement of any of the following:

  • Hand with money and toy car isolated on white backgroundStereo, sound reproducing, sound recording, and television equipment
  • Radios, citizens band radios, and scanners
  • Personal computers, Internet access, and navigation systems
  • Telephones, televisions, and video entertainment systems
  • Body, engine, exhaust, or suspension enhancers
  • Winches, anti-roll, or anti-sway bars
  • Custom grilles, louvers, side pipes, hood scoops, or spoilers
  • Custom wheels, tires, or spinners
  • Custom chrome and paint
  • Special carpeting or insulation
  • Furniture or bars
  • Height-extending roofs
  • Custom murals, paintings, or other decals or graphics

Farmers Insurance also provides special policies for a wide range of custom and exotic cars. Hagerty, one of Essurance’s partners also specializes in custom car insurance. Hagerty clients report savings of as much as 43 percent when switching. And there are no limits on modifications or how much you drive, though modified vehicles are carefully underwritten and extent of use plays a role in determining your rate.

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