Are Car Insurance Agents Still Relevant?

In today’s digital world, everything may seem simpler to do online. We have become more accustomed to placing orders online and reviewing products. And nowadays, we can easily purchase automobile car insurance online, with just a few clicks. However, you should not totally ignore the old method of getting insurance: through an insurance agents. There are plenty of reasons to talk with an agent. They are still relevant salesmen in the auto insurance market and we will you why.

Auto insurance agents are still important and needed in the modern world and in fact, they are as important today as ever before.  They are still the most common method of purchasing car insurance and a 2016 J.D. Power study found that while 74% of consumers do use insurer or marketplace websites to obtain quotes, only 25% actually buy their insurance policy online. Even though they have so many high-tech devices, consumers still prefer to talk directly to a person.

There are many things that cannot be replaced by digitization.  Insurance is still a complex product to be configured. Having a knowledgeable person around is always welcomed.  There are several types of coverage, deductible levels and extra services as well as different levels of mandated coverage from state-to-state. Adding bundling options, laws and discounts will make it difficult to create an online experience that can cover the entire purchase process in its complexity.

Insurance agents are often more aware of available products than consumers are and can assess consumer risk profile and help determine the level of coverage that is needed for each particular case. They may also know about discounts and current trends that consumers do not know of and that a website or app will not be able to present clearly to the users.

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